Monday, February 7, 2011

Links to the full res pictures

I promised the full resolution pictures. Here's links to them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rod,

I want to add another word of thanks for your web page on Ulka pump repair.

I'm not really mechanically minded, but I followed your instructions carefully and used your new hi-res photos. I took it apart just as you described and didn't have any parts leftover after I put it back together.

I'm happy to say that my Starbucks Barista espresso machine is working again.

Thanks for taking the time to share this info with the rest of us!

R Schiffman (Brownbag) said...

That's great news. I didn't think there was much more value with these pictures. I'm glad it helped. If I had any idea a little obscure post on CoffeeGeek would become this big a deal, I would have done a better job.

I did a Google search on my name, for the first time in several years, the other day, and this blog came out at the top of the list.

Who would have known.

Jana and Orline said...

Hi Rod,

I've been writing you last year concerning my espresso machine, and said it worked, but later stopped again. Lately, it seems to me I've seen a comment concerning the small plastic ball in the pump itself, witch is the problem upon me, but I cannot find anything in the blog saying where to find from such a spare ball to change the old one ... Any idea ?? Thank you in advance,


R Schiffman (Brownbag) said...

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get a ball. I have a couple links to the other places with information on the pump, but that's it. My goal was to try to fix my pump. I wrote up a little post for about my experience and that it. I have no special knowledge. Since the pump is supposed to be sold as a single unit, there is unlikely any repair parts available.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks a ton for this. Our coffee maker pump works great, but we periodically take it most of the way apart and clean it. The last time we did it, my husband put the hoses on incorrectly and could not for the life of him figure out what was different from the last time we did it. We found your site and your helpful pictures helped us put it right. You are awesome!

R Schiffman (Brownbag) said...

@richenza. Thanks for the comment. That's great to hear.

Luke said...

Hi Rod,
Terrific instructions. I have just revived my Francis Francis! X1 coffee machine using your guide. It's basically the same pump, with a different connection out the output end. Bit of an alarming few minutes when that tiny ball disappeared - it rolled off the table! but i found it, cleaned everything in a diluted vinegar bath, and we are up and running again. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for posting your fix. We moved about a year ago, hadn't used the machine for probably 2 yrs and went to set it up today for the first time and it didn't pump water from the water tank. I googled a bit, I followed your instructions and I found exactly what you had found...the little black rubber ball was stuck...looked like it had froze on from some deposits. Pushed it out with a paper clip, cleaned everything a bit and put it back together and it is perfect now.

Thank you so saved our Barista. Really thank you for taking the time to post and do the write up....much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'll add my thanks also. I just rebuilt the same water pump in a Le Maitre G300 fog machine. Thanks for putting the time into those photos.

themarc said...

Does anyone have a list of procedures on how to properly swap out and prime a new pump (Ulka S.p.A pump - EA - type EAP5)?



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics. Same pump as in my Gaggia, and found a broken piece of spring, which was the problem causing the jammed pump. Now have a working machine again.
John in France.

lparsoni said...

Great website/blog thank you for the pics and some mechanical enlightenment. Have a 12 y/o Saeco-
Barista that had its Ulka 41W pump getting noisy and after taking it apart and cleaning off scaling,greasing up the o-rings and some part inspection it is now quieter and working fine.
Thanx again,
Paul Seattle

Dave X said...

Thanks. I had a broken ULKA NME Type 3 pump in a completely different piece of equipment (a dehumidifier) and the pics here helped a lot. The pump's push-and-turn bayonette mount makes it very easy to disassemble the pump and look inside for problems.

My NME Type 3 has very different insides, with a tension spring through the middle of the solenoid core which was supposed to hold a plug in the end of the core, instead of the first compression spring and ball in the brass tube. The problem was that this tension spring snapped and the plug ended up hidden in what would be the NME's analogue to the brass tube, and the moving portion didn't do its check-valve operation. The fix eas to bend a new end-loop onto the tension spring and re-hook the plug onto the tension spring through the solenoid core. Now it works great.

Thank you for the pictures.