Sunday, November 30, 2008

Starbucks pump question

Hi Rod,
I read your instructions for pump repair...just one do I know if pump needs repair....My Barista machine pump starting making louder than usual noise, and no water comes out. Upon opening top of machine, I can see that the hose for water intake is not filling with water, but is not crimped or clogged and there is plenty of water in tank....does this mean pump is not pulling in water and is broken? Steaming function of machine still seems to work, though not as strong as usual. Tried to follow the priming instructions, but doesn't help...never get any 4 ounces of water to flow through the steam wand as instructions state. Just a trickle of water, then steam.
Thanks for any advice,


Len said...

Well, I thought I was able to save a few bucks when I came across your site; with such fabulous instructions how could I go wrong.
I took the pump apart, soaked the bits in descaling solution, re-assembled the pump and machine but... no joy.
I do have a few questions:
1. you mentioned the 'red' wire was on the middle, mine is on the right-hand side when looking at the intake valve, could this be an issue?
2. re: the stainless 'plunger' that sits in the plastic tube... is it a tight fit or should it slide freely?


Anonymous said...

Where do I get the pump at? store, or online order? Have googled and not found.

R Schiffman (Brownbag) said...

I don't have a good answer. However, I suspect you want to look for an ex4 not an efx4. That shows a number of possibilities on google.

rogov said...

Thanks so much for posting this information! I picked up a Grindmaster Espressimo 1100 for a song last night, brought it home, and found the pump did not work properly. After a little digging around under the hood, I found the pump part number, ran a search, and found your site. I followed your instructions, and within a couple hours, I had a fully functional machine.

Kurc & Carolyn Buzdegan said...

Hi Rod,

Had given the unused-for-2-years Barista to our neighbors and was checking out functionality when it appeared the pump had gone - rather than reneg on the gift, did some searching, found your site [excellent instructions, and with photos even!] and results were better than hoped for. Thank you for your efforts - keeps one more item out of the land fill.

R Schiffman (Brownbag) said...

Thanks. I'm always amazed this little page gets found so much. I wish I had done a better job now.

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem with my barista expresso machine.Can somebody help?

Mike said...

It's September 2011 and your little page is still working its magic. I'm in a garage-workshop in New Zealand with a bench-full of espresso machine parts and a laptop computer with your advice and photos of the Ulka pump disassembly to one side. Thanks very much for giving me the confidence to strip it down rather than rush off to look for a new pump.

Julian Vu said...

Hi Mr. Schiffman, just wanted to say that your page was a godsend! I was pretty sure that the pump would be irreparable but seeing how easy it was to take it apart and clean the inner chamber was a huge help!

This repair procedure worked on my non-starbucks Saeco estro machine, (starbucks barista machines are manufactured by Saeco).

All the best! Thanks for saving me from throwing this out and buying another machine.

Chris C. said...

Although this tutorial did not help me resolve the problem with the pump on this old machine I had acquired for parts (it turned out the winding had burnt out), the tutorial gave me enough confidence to take a different pump apart and fit it to the outlet of the failed pump, making one functional pump out of the two.

Thanks to this tutorial I was able to give a second lease on life to a 16 year old machine that I had saved from the scrap heap and that I thought could only be used for its parts.

Kudos, Man!

Bill said...

My Grindmaster Espressimo 1100 was unused for several years. Brought it out to use and apparently the pump isn't working. Can you offer any advice?