Sunday, October 12, 2008

Your post on Starbucks machine

Received on: [Sat 10/15/2005 6:23 PM]

This is a great post to show the public how to deal with a broken down Starbucks Barrista Espresso machine. I had the same problems as you described, the biggest one was to obtain a pump at a reasonable price. I finally got one for $37 from SAECO a leading Espresso machine manufacturer an exact match as in the original machine which had lasted for 5 years. Starbucks is a pain, their service stinks or is non-existent beyond the warranty. They referred me to their manufacturer then in turn they gave me a Dallas service station referal. They wanted $120 for a pump and if they are installing it would cost $250. Good grieve what a fricken rip-off.
There are several other dealers on the Internet that sell this ULKA Pump one of them asked for $56 the other one was on back order never got a price from them. One must make sure that they have the correct information that is on the pump when ordering, because different pumps are used in some of these models. The SAECO number is 800.933.7876, ask for the parts department.
Hope you can add this info in your post so it will help some other frustrated users of this machine.

Kurt H. Elmer

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