Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ulka pump fix

Received on: [Fri 6/1/2007 3:22 PM]


I wanted to send you a thank you note for your instructions on fixing an Ulka pump. I’ve just returned from a long trip in China, with no coffee for four weeks, and to my dismay my Giotto was running on empty. I suspected the pump lost its priming, but had no idea how to fix it. Your detailed instruction got me going in now time. And hour later, I was enjoying a tight ristretto. You should see the smile on my face.

Abe Carmeli

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Mike51 said...

Hi Rod,
I'd appreciate your help. I have a Nemox Dell Opera coffee machine. It has a Ulka EK pump. When I use a 'blind' portafilter water does not flow from the OPV. I have taken the pump out and noted scale in the threads of various components. I guess that's the problem. The exit on the pump is a 2 part white plastic assembly. The piece at the end contains the T-piece with the OPV inside. However, this has a white plastic 'cross' inside which is holding the springs, etc. inside. The other side exit (hi pressure release) has a plastic cap, and removing it you can see a fine spring. But I can't get it apart. Any tips?