Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks to you, I too now have a free Starbuck's Barista espresso!

Sent to me [Wednesday, September 17, 2008 12:29 AM]

Hi Rod,

I just wanted to thank you for you pages on the StarBucks Barista machine. I found at the recycling room of our condo building, a Barista machine with all parts left, except for the head cleaning part.

A first run showed the machine not pumping water. I did a lot of googling and eventually stumbled on your page. With those excellent photos, I felt confident enough to take the thing apart. Two hours later, the parts were soaking in StarBucks[tm] descaling liquid. An hour later I re-assembled the pump, put it back in and it worked perfectly. I've been doing more cleaning and ran the descaling procedure through the entire machine now. Boy did it need that. The amount of completely burned coffee bits that came out was amazing. I hope to drink my first latte from the machine tomorrow.

Thanks again for the awesome manual you put online. You saved another Barista machine from the dumpster, and I now have an espresso machine!


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Anonymous said...

I had the same issue. There are three pieces that wrap the main pump and slide into the black cylinder (not shown in the walkthrough found here). Two are brass and one is plastic. You need to make sure the plastic piece is between the two metal pieces when put back into the cylinder/around the pump.